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Offshore Management 

Barges: Company Operates all types of Self Propelled & Non Self Propelled JU barge upto 400ft leg length for various work over jobs on well and , Accomodation Barge upto the capacity of 500 personal with same capacity of crane , Cargo barges for carrying drilling equipments spares and supply and flat top barge for carrying aggregate ,cement, fresh water, fuel etc..

Offshore Vessels.:Company Manages various offshore vessel to support major operations. Our services include (Commercial, Technical & Manning). Supplying of DP1, DP2, DP3, AHT, AHTS, FIFI1, FIFI2 vessels, For Many operation company has managed ASD (Harbour Tug), Utility vessel, AHT, AHT, offshore Supply Vessel, Platform Supply Vessel, Multiple support vessel. Company has in house crew facility to support all types of offshore support vessels.

Pipe Laying operations & Vessels chartering: Company Provides services in pipe laying with pipe laying vessel of different water deph capacity and size of pipe laying as per the requirement of client. Company is able to install rigid pipelines (including pipe-in-pipe) from 50m to ultra-deep waters in excess of 3000m. In addition, The facility in Ingleside also has the capability to fabricate subsea steel and concrete structures. Company is able to perform continuous reel-lay operation in remote locations, including the Artic, through the use of a dedicated spool barge which transports up to 4 reels of pipe to the vessel locations and a 3000T crane on the reel-lay vessel which helps to load and off-load pipe reels. This eliminates the need for the reel-lay vessel to return to the spool barge to re-load the reel, hence reducing installation period and cost by removing delay due to vessel transit time as well as waiting time for the pipe to be spooled onto the vessel.

Cable Laying Operations & Vessel chartering:In an industry that is time-sensitive, Company can deliver complete and seamless solutions, attributed by a strong technical team, unparalled project management team and the right vessels, tools and equipment..Our team has been involved in most Submarine Cable Projects in the Asia Pacific region and have worked alongside global telecommunications conglomerates and government offices of various countries spanning across the globe.

Shore-end and Shallow Water Cable Installation Solutions
Pre-landing Survey
Marine Survey
Existing Cable Localisation
PLGR and Route Clearance
Cable Landing
BMH Cable Termination
Beach Burial
Cable Protection Installation
Cable Crossing
Pipeline Crossing
Cable Testing
End-to-end Cable Landing And Installation
Other Submarine Cable Installation Solutions

Heavy Lifting project: We provide heavy lifting project upto the capacity of 5000MT crane capacity of lifting for Coil tubing Unit spool, Jacket and top side installation, piling. We provide heavy crane lift barge on charter hire (Time Charter) with specialist marine Crew.

Offshore Structure Transportation & Installation: We provide suitable barges for offshore Jacket transportation and top side, with full safety and fastening services . we provide support services for SBM, installation, operations and maintenance.

Offshore Structure(Topside &Dacket) Fabrication: As being in offshore industry we have very good tie-up with many shipyards globally. we provide supervision services of fabricating Platforms and jackets, SBM and other offshore structure of varying capacity from 400TOn steel to 10,000Ton Steel.

Platform &Rig Logistics and support: We provide technicians & manpower support to unmanned and manned platform for operating of valves, operations & Maintenance of Unmanned platform for calibration jobs as well as equipments, spares & Consumables

Production Unit Management(MOPU/FPSO/FSU): We also manage Floating production unit, complete operation and maintenance, repair jobs , complete manning (supplying engineers and technicians), We also provide services of charter hire FPSO for long period, conversion of Rig or VLGC in MOU.

Dredging Services: company also provide services in Dredging , S&P of Dredger, Operations and Maintenance of Dredger, Supplying Equipment and spare parts, Fuel bunkering of Dredgers. Repair and Dry-dock facility.


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